Why is Heine Considered as One of the Best Medical Brands in India?

Heine at current times is the world´s largest exporter of hand-held primary diagnostic instruments. Helmut M. Heine himself has claimed in the interview he gave on Heine’s 60th anniversary that their instruments were better than anything else on the market at the time. The message quickly spread in the medical world: “Buy HEINE instruments. They are the best!” This word-of-mouth advertising was the beginning of the success story. Even in remote places, there are chances that you will be examined using a Heine instrument.

Their basic philosophy has definitely remained the same since the start. Its main goal has always been and still is uncompromising quality. Therefore it stays true to its belief that a high degree of vertical integration in the design and manufacturing of their product is the best way of staying in control of their own destiny. Moreover, it remains their philosophy to treat all people with whom they co-operate in a trustworthy, fair, honest and friendly manner. This lies at the heart of the corporate culture and is a key to creating the environment for success.

So let us review 5 of their most famous instruments to prove why Heine remains the top medicinal brand, even today.


  • Proctoscope/ Anoscope illumination head- For 2.5 V or 3.5 V handle or Fiber Optic illumination with Fiber Optic projector and cable. A wide range of tubes with either direct or 90° direction of view available. Many different diagnostic and treatment methods are possible. Tubes can be rotated through 360°. Select the ideal position for treatment or examination. Viewing window and swivel lens both offer 2 x magnification. High-resolution image. Smooth, rounded surface. Easy to clean. F.O. version can be cleaned with conventional disinfectants.
  • IC2 FUNDUSCOPE- With a weight of just 300 g, practical dimensions and cable-free operation, it’s ideal for examining children as well as bedridden, injured and disabled patients.  In addition to the conveniently longer working distance for both sides, full adjustment of LED brightness is particularly pleasant for the patient. Needless to say, it corresponds to the highest international standard for photobiological safety.
  • NC2 DERMATOSCOPE- The contact plate achieves a clear, reflection-free and highly detailed image in 10 × magnification, even without immersion fluid.  Without the magnetically-held contact plate, the NC2 is used for non-contact examination in 6 × magnification for hygienic and efficient skin examination with a large field of view. Polarised illumination provides for immediate examination without the use of contact fluids.
  • LOUPELIGHT 2- Most trusted by dentists and ENT specialists: The combination of light and loupe delivers the ultimate in performance as high-quality illumination with LED HQ maximizes the image quality of the loupe. For a perfect view and a precise diagnosis, the LoupeLight 2 is now 25% brighter than its predecessor model, with a homogeneous edge-to-edge illumination of type. 55,000 lux. For intensive use, the LoupeLight 2 now features a replaceable connecting cord which connects the device to the mPack mini – the new and compact power source for the LoupeLight 2.
  • Laryngoscope- Laryngoscope systems comprise a wide variety of handles and different blades for intubation of the respiratory tract; makeup one of Heine’s most expertise areas. The “reusable versus disposable” issue is a matter Heine, in particular, tends to focus on. The tendency of some facilities to generally choose disposable products is both concerning and difficult to understand. On the one hand, because the cost analysis points towards reusable laryngoscope systems, even from a short-term perspective while on the other hand, because the issues of waste avoidance and environmental pollution are playing an increasingly important role in intensive care too.

With Heine’s extreme milestones and instruments for the future, it has managed to achieve what it has. Today, HEINE is an international market leader in the field of medical diagnostic instruments, and Oliver Heine says “we strive to continue along this road in the future, keeping the same structure as we have today.”

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