• Ardo Clinic Pumpset

    Product Features

    • The clinic pumpset is a single re-usable pumpset which can be used in clinics and/or hospitals
    • The Vacuum Seal technology provide a 100% barrier against contamination
    • Can be sterilized
    2,125.002,499.00 Incl. GST
  • Ardo Service Kit Single – Ardo

    Ardo Service Kit Single

    Ardo Service Kit Single Features

    The Service Kit Single includes:

      • 2 lips valves (white silicone valve)
      • 1 tube connector (adapter or breastpump connector)
      • 1 pot with flexible membrane (silicone pot under the lid)
    595.00699.00 Incl. GST
  • Ardo Double Pumpset

    Product Features

    • Ardo double pumpset
    • Medical Breast pump
    • Effective and gentle expression of breastmilk
    3,825.004,499.00 Incl. GST
  • Ardo Amaryll Kombi Kit Manual Pump Convertor (Green)

    Product Feature

    • Ardo manual pump convertor
    • Ardo kombikit
    • Manual pump convertor
    850.00999.00 Incl. GST
  • Ardo TULIPS Nipple shields

    Product Features

    • Intensive skin contact during breastfeeding thanks to the tulip shape
    • Soft shaft for the baby’s sensitive oral cavity
    • Made of thin, odorless and tasteless silicone
    • Produced without BPA and latex free
    • Practical storage box for increased hygiene, whether at home or out and about
    • Is available in three sizes: S (16 mm), M (20 mm) and L (24 mm)
    425.00499.00 Incl. GST
  • Ardo Alyssa Double Electric Rechargeable Breastpump – 2 Pumps

    The Ardo Alyssa Double Electric is a contemporary breast pump that is small, cordless, wireless, portable, and rechargeable. It has a user-friendly and straightforward interface and is a very practical, high-quality medical standard gadget. You can use the breastpump for single or double expression.


    • 64 independently programmable vacuum and cycle settings
    • The ability to save your pumping history with memory
    • Touch screen with a safety feature for the power button (to turn on/off the pump, touch the button for at least 2 seconds).
    • Ultralight—weighs less than 1 pound
    • Integrated rechargeable battery for optimal mobility
    • MyArdo app to control Ardo Alyssa and more
    • FDA-approved
    • BPA & BPS free
    23,999.0029,999.00 Incl. GST
  • Ardo Tulips Nipple Shields (Small) – Ardo

    Ardo Tulips Nipple Shields from Tulips are appropriate for short-term use to aid in latching and to shield hurting, delicate nipples during breastfeeding.


    • Due to the tulip form, nursing involves close skin contact.
    • For the baby’s delicate mouth cavity, a soft shaft is ideal.
      made without latex and without BPA.
    • Practical storage container for improved hygiene, whether indoors or out.
    • Is offered in S (16 mm), M (20 mm), and L sizes (24 mm).
    850.00999.00 Incl. GST
  • Ardo Single Pumpset – Ardo

    The Ardo Single Pumpset is suitable for the effective and gentle expression of breastmilk.

    The Single Pumpset is easy to clean, and works with a closed pump ­system, based on the proven “Vacuum Seal” technology by Ardo. The hygiene barrier installed in the breast shell protects the breast milk as well as the breastpump from contamination and cross-contamination.

    • Protects from contamination, even by pathogenic agents, thanks to “Vacuum Seal” Technology
    • Membrane fully integreated into all Pumpsets
    • Made from premium-quality BPA-free polypropylene
    • Double Pumpset is available
    2,975.003,499.00 Incl. GST
  • Ardo Optiflow – Active Breast Massage Inserts

    The Ardo Optiflow active breast massage insert is made of pure silicone which gently, but actively, massages the areola. This effect stimulates the milk ejection reflex for a comfortable and efficient expressing experience.

    Ardo Optiflow Features

    • Air chamber system with thin windows actively massages your breast
    • Gentle massage can make breastmilk flow faster
    • Efficient and comfortable expressing experience
    • Soft supple silicone
    • The 31 mm breast shell is needed for pumping with the Optiflow.
    1,190.001,399.00 Incl. GST
  • Ardo Easy Cup – Ardo

    Ardo Easy Cup An alternate way to feed breast milk is with EasyCup. The baby is not at risk of developing nipple confusion, which can happen when feeding from a bottle.

    Feed babies without nipple confusion
    » 50 ml with graduated scale of 5ml and lid
    » BPA Free

    Suitable for babies who have:

    » Sucking or latching-on difficulties
    » Cleft lip and palate
    » Poor health from illness or premature births

    Cups & Lids

    300.00350.00 Incl. GST
  • Ardo Easy Clean Microwave Steam Clean Bags (reuseable) – Ardo

    Ardo Easy Clean With simple to clean microwave bags, you can give your infant the best defence against bacteria and other infections.

    Ardo Easy Clean Features

    • For steam cleaning breastfeeding accessories such as bottles and pumpsets
    • Kills bacteria and germs
    • Quick and easy to use
    • Hygienic and safe
    • Saves space
    • Perfect for use at home and on the move
    • Saves energy and expense
    • 1 bag = 20 steam cleanings
    2,550.003,000.00 Incl. GST

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