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Ardo Alyssa Double Electric Rechargeable Breastpump – 2 Pumps

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The Ardo Alyssa Double Electric is a contemporary breast pump that is small, cordless, wireless, portable, and rechargeable. It has a user-friendly and straightforward interface and is a very practical, high-quality medical standard gadget. You can use the breastpump for single or double expression.


  • 64 independently programmable vacuum and cycle settings
  • The ability to save your pumping history with memory
  • Touch screen with a safety feature for the power button (to turn on/off the pump, touch the button for at least 2 seconds).
  • Ultralight—weighs less than 1 pound
  • Integrated rechargeable battery for optimal mobility
  • MyArdo app to control Ardo Alyssa and more
  • FDA-approved
  • BPA & BPS free

23,999.0029,999.00 Incl. gst (-20%)

Product Description

Ardo Alyssa Double is the first breastpump featuring automated power pumping to increase the amount of milk. The new Ardo Alyssa breast pump is an innovative, portable, and simple-to-use breast pump. It is the first breast pump in the entire world to have an automated Power Pumping program. Additionally, it gives you the freedom to pump anywhere, anytime, and lets you record the history of your pumping sessions owing to its built-in battery.

Ardo Alyssa Double features:

  • Compact, light, and easy to use: The breastpump may be used anywhere, at any time, thanks to Alyssa’s small size and USB rechargeable internal battery. An entirely charged battery enables up to eight pumps
  • Power Pumping: With this cutting-edge feature, you can produce more milk.
  • The first breastpump with an automated power pumping option is the Ardo Alyssa. It is a straightforward, predetermined one-hour interval pumping schedule with phases and pauses that mimics cluster feeding, which boosts milk supply by increasing the frequency of breastfeeding.
  • Memory Plus: At the push of a button, personalized expression
  • A unique mix of speed (cycles) and suction (vacuum) with varying amounts and durations makes up an expressing session. By hitting the Memory Plus button after you’ve discovered the settings that are the most convenient and effective for you, you can save the current settings. Starting the breastpump during your subsequent session instantly recreates the full session history that was previously saved. A new session can be saved at any moment, as can any previously stored sessions.
  • Safe and reliable: A medical device certified to 93/42/EEC is the Ardo Alyssa. Every component that comes into touch with breast milk is free of BPA, BPS, and phthalates.

Automatic Power Pumping – Ardo Alyssa Double

The world’s first breastpump with an automatic Power Pumping program is the Ardo Alyssa. This mimics the cluster feeding of the infant. This sucking behavior appears, for instance, when the baby is in a growth phase and needs the breast more frequently. The baby naturally encourages milk production with this behavior. Alyssa’s autonomous power pumping cycle consists of three pumping phases and two pause phases, and it runs at predetermined intervals of an hour. The length of the pumping and halting phases is predetermined, but you may always change the cycle and vacuum settings to suit your needs. Professionals advise using power pumping to boost milk production and stabilize erratic milk output.

Ardo Alyssa Double Electric Rechargeable Breastpump

Memory Plus – Ardo Alyssa Double

Your pumping pattern is a very unique mixture of suction frequency (cycle) and suction strength (vacuum), each with a variable length. By pressing the Memory Plus button after you’ve discovered the settings that best facilitate milk flow, you may save your preferences. This feature records the whole history of pumping and instantly retrieves it the following time pumping is performed.

By manually altering the vacuum or cycle, the Memory Plus function can be terminated whenever you want. A new pumping cycle can be saved by touching the Memory Plus button until an audible signal plays, and it can be deleted at any moment by touching and holding the Memory button.

Ardo Alyssa Double Electric Rechargeable Breastpump


MyArdo app – Ardo Alyssa Double

Connect the Ardo Alyssa to the free MyArdo app to monitor your history and duration of pumping sessions and conveniently operate the breastpump with your smartphone. The MyArdo app is not required to use the Ardo Alyssa.

  • All information about operating the breastpump
  • Tips and tricks on pumping
  • Operation of the Memory Plus function
  • Start/stop the pump via smartphone
  • Operation of the Power Pumping program
  • Vacuum and cycle setting

What comes with your new Ardo Alyssa Double Pump?

  • Double pump set (26mm) with tube and adapter
  • Two 22mm breast shell inserts
  • Two lids with ring and cap
  • AC adapter with USB cable
  • Ardo Alyssa breast pump
  • Vacuum pots
  • Lip valves
  • Two milk bottles
  • Two milk bottle stands
  • Pump lids

About Ardo

For more than 25 years, Ardo has supported breastfeeding. It is a family-run business. The inventor of electric breast pumps, who had previously served as the longtime CEO of Ameda and Medela, launched the company in Switzerland. Although Ardo is best known for producing hospital-grade breast pumps and accessories, the company also provides goods to assist expectant and breastfeeding moms during pregnancy, delivery, and the postpartum period.


We are here to help

Every new baby brings with it a new set of lessons, and learning the art of expressing oneself is not always easy for new mothers. We at Ardo know what it’s like to be a new mother, with all the ups and downs of joy and overwhelm. We are here to support you on your unique nursing and expressing journey.



What does it mean when we say that Ardo Alyssa Double is a 2-phase breastpump?

The Alyssa was created in response to babies’ sucking habits. Breast milk starts to flow or causes the let-down reflex in the stimulation mode’s fast cycle (suction frequency) and low vacuum (suction strength), whereas the efficient expression of breast milk is made possible in the expressing mode’s slow cycle (suction frequency) and high, comfortable vacuum (suction strength).

Which are the best vacuum and cycle settings?

The right breastpump should have customizable settings because every woman is different and has distinct wants and sensibility. To protect your breasts, Alyssa begins out with gentle settings. At any moment during each expressing phase (stimulation or expressing mode), you can modify the amount of vacuum (suction strength) and the rate of the cycle (suction frequency) to your preferences. The vacuum and cycle settings must not hurt when used in order to successfully express outcomes.

What is the difference between double pumping and single pumping?

When using a single pump, milk is only released from one breast. Contrarily, double pumping entails simultaneously expressing milk from both breasts. The Alyssa is a double pump that has a single pumping function as well. It has been demonstrated that double expressing enables you to express more milk in less time. However, what is more, crucial is that speaking feels comfortable.

Can I increase my milk quantity with Ardo Alyssa Double?

Yes, with Ardo Alyssa Double the amount of milk can be increased particularly well and in a short time because this is not only a double pump but also the first breastpump on the market with automatic Power Pumping.

What is automatic Power Pumping in Ardo Alyssa Double?

Automatic Power Pumping imitates cluster feeding, a breastfeeding technique whereby a baby suckles more often at the breast to produce more milk. These are the times of day, usually in the early evening for two to three hours, when infants and toddlers want to breastfeed repeatedly with brief intervals in between.

Automatic Power Pumping, which enhances milk production, involves expressing three times over a one-hour period, separated by two soothing intervals. The length of the expressing phases and the pauses are predetermined, but the mother can change the vacuum and cycle settings whenever she sees fit.

How often should I use automatic Power Pumping?

When Power Pumping is performed 1–2 times a day for 3–4 days, milk output is boosted. Throughout feeding, Automatic Power Pumping can be used to boost milk production.

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Ardo Alyssa Double Electric Rechargeable Breastpump

Ardo Alyssa Double Electric Rechargeable Breastpump - 2 Pumps

23,999.0029,999.00 Incl. gst (-20%)

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