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Ardo Single Pumpset – Ardo

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The Ardo Single Pumpset is suitable for the effective and gentle expression of breastmilk.

The Single Pumpset is easy to clean, and works with a closed pump ­system, based on the proven “Vacuum Seal” technology by Ardo. The hygiene barrier installed in the breast shell protects the breast milk as well as the breastpump from contamination and cross-contamination.

  • Protects from contamination, even by pathogenic agents, thanks to “Vacuum Seal” Technology
  • Membrane fully integreated into all Pumpsets
  • Made from premium-quality BPA-free polypropylene
  • Double Pumpset is available

Ardo Single Pumpset incorporates “Vacuum Seal” technology, which creates a 100 % secure barrier protecting breast milk from pathogenic agents and other contaminants.

A barrier against bacteria and a guarantee that no breastmilk or pollutants can enter the connection tube or pump are provided by the Vacuum Seal technology found in all Ardo Pumpsets. This effectively shields against infection and guards against contamination of breastfeeding.

The pump sets are manufactured of high-quality, BPA-free materials and come with 26mm breast shells. You can get the Combo kit if you want to change your pumpset into an Amaryll manual breast pump.  Please note that the Ardo Calypso & Carum breastpumps are incompatible with this pumpset.

Safe For Mum & Baby: Our single pumpset for expressing breastmilk is safe and clean. Additionally, the materials used in our single pump set are of the highest calibre and are FDA-tested to be BPA-free. You may be sure that you’re giving your infant and newborn the greatest care possible because our goods adhere to the WHO Code.

Vaccuum Sealed: All Ardo Pumpsets are vacuum sealed, which creates a barrier against bacteria and ensures that no breastmilk or other pollutants can enter the connecting tubing or pump. This effectively guards against infection and protects breastfeeding from tainted substances.

Use With Ardo Breast Pumps: The Ardo Single Pumpset can be used to express breast milk in an efficient and kind manner. Suitable for use with the Calypso, Calypso Double Plus, and To-Go Breast Pump, this Single Pump Set is a supplementary accessory. Use with the Alyssa Breastpump is not permitted.

NHS Approved Supplier + Award Winning: All Ardo items are made in Switzerland using high-quality, BPA-free materials, and the company is an NHS-approved supplier. This single Pump Set can be attached to our Swiss-made electric breast pump, which is a reliable supplier for the NHS and was named Mumsnet’s Best Breastpump of the Year.

In Ardo Single Pumpset : To ensure the ideal fit for expressing, the pump sets come with 26mm breast shells.






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