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Ardo Optiflow – Active Breast Massage Inserts

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The Ardo Optiflow active breast massage insert is made of pure silicone which gently, but actively, massages the areola. This effect stimulates the milk ejection reflex for a comfortable and efficient expressing experience.

Ardo Optiflow Features

  • Air chamber system with thin windows actively massages your breast
  • Gentle massage can make breastmilk flow faster
  • Efficient and comfortable expressing experience
  • Soft supple silicone
  • The 31 mm breast shell is needed for pumping with the Optiflow.
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1,190.001,399.00 Incl. GST (-15%)

Product Description

These inserts also let you fully rub your breast when pumping, all the way down to your nipple. The majority of flanges suction above the areola, making it difficult to effectively massage your entire breast when pumping.

Utilizing hands-on massage techniques without compromising the seal is possible thanks to our Optiflow, which introduces suction into the tunnel of your existing flange. Or do you want to boost the amount of milk you produce? Utilize our Optiflow inserts to try hand-on massage while pumping. The areola is gently but vigorously massaged by the silicone-only Optiflow active breast massage implant.


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Ardo Optiflow - Active Breast Massage Inserts

1,190.001,399.00 Incl. GST (-15%)

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