Why You Must Have Heine Otoscope K180 in Your House?

why you must have heine k180 otoscope

What makes life a life is the symphony of the sounds. Consider one morning when you wake up and you are unable to hear anything. Just imagine how your life would be? Your life is made musical and lyrical by your ears. It is only because of your ears that you are able to socialize, work and communicate. Not your smart phone but it is your ears that help you to stay connected. Sometimes your ears warn you of a potential danger. Everything can be put on stake, if someone loses his/her hearing ability.

In recent scenario, where every single second, every person goes online, it has started to take a tool on your health. It could be out of our ignorance or sometimes our work pressure that we ignore the signs of hearing loss. In today’s digitalized world, one can find that everyone is attached to their smart phones. Our lifestyle and the way we are glued to our smart phones have proven to be serious health hazards. It is believed and even after various researches, it has been concluded that various germs are found on our cell phones that can immediately enter through our ears and disrupt not only ear’s functioning but also our body’s functioning.

What makes Ear an important sense organ?

Ear is of prime importance as it is one of the five sense organs that completes our body. With the hearing loss our body would be incomplete. The ear comprises of three parts namely external ear that one can see, middle ear and inner ear. The outer ear is known as pinna and comprises of cartilage that one can touch and feel. The simpler an ear looks, the complicated its mechanism is.

Sound when produced outside the body, goes to pinna and the sound causes the eardrum present in the middle ear and its tiny attached bones to vibrate. These vibrations are then transferred to the inner ear containing spiral – shaped cochlea. This spiral – shaped cochlea transforms the sounds or vibrations into nerve impulses that finally travels to the brain. The best part of our body is it is designed in such a manner that everything is inter – connected to each other. The same is the case with our face. Our ears, nasal cavity and throat or windpipe and food pipe all are inter – connected to each other. If any one organ’s functioning gets disrupted then it affects the functioning of other connected organs as well.

Why Heine Otoscope K180 is an important equipment of every single house?

Because we are so much swallowed in our work and commitments, that doesn’t mean that, we should not at all take care of our health. It is actually a fact that one is a doctor in himself or herself. Yes, you read it right. It is important how much you take care of yourself. There are so many homes that surely would have more than one smart phone in a single house but not an otoscope.

When we talk of electronic devices, we can surely agree to the point that our dependence on such gadgets and devices is so high that we can not even imagine our lives without these devices. According to a recent research, people who talk on the phones for more than an hour are most likely to suffer from hearing loss. Combined with our lifestyle and ignorance of signs or maybe because of the lack of time, we are certainly making our bodies or rather ears vulnerable to infections. It is important to take care the health of your ears as it is one important part of five senses. There are some people born with hearing problems but when you are given proper ears why to corrupt them with infections and make them vulnerable.

Be your own doctor with Skytech Medical and Surgical Devices. It is necessary and even advisable to have one Hiene Otoscope K180 at your home. An otoscope which is also known as ear speculum is basically a device that helps to examine aural and nasal passages. In today’s time, every house is incomplete with Hiene Otoscope K180. This staple tool is a must medical equipment for every house. An important fact to note is this device is useful for every single member of your family whether it your baby or your children or anyone. But yes, it a tool that should now be included in your first aid kit. Skytech Medical and Surgical Devices is the one which supports and looks after your family by offering products for your home because we believe in this old saying is health should always be considered the best world in this world. This is what you can actually own and take care of.

How to use a Heine Otoscope K180 at home?

It is very simple and easy to use Heine Otoscope K180 at home. There are some simple steps to follow:

  1. Be gentle: The first important and basic is to make yourself and patient ready. Do not pull or push or be rash with this sensitive organ. Be gentle.
  2. Handling the otoscope properly: The second step is to turn on the otoscope’s light and hold your otoscope upside as one holds a pen or pencil. After this place the back of your hand along the person’s cheek
  3. Now straightening of ear canal is done: By straightening the ear canal, it becomes easier to examine the ear properly.
  4. Right speculum size is chosen: There are specific sizes for different age groups. For adults the speculum size ranges from 4 to 6 millimeters. For children the size ranges from 3 to 4 millimeters and for infants the size preferred is as small as 2 millimeters.
  5. Examining the ear: The most important thing is to place the Heine Otoscope K180 at your patient’s ear, not directly into it. Then inserted the otoscope into your patient’s ear slowly and gently without ramming into it.
  6. Identifying problems if any: Then get acquainted with the problems with any. You can go through the amount of ear wax being produced or any redness or any related thing.

Take care of your health at home also. Join hands with Skytech Surgical and medical Devices and make you family prevent, secure and safe from any related diseases.

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