Prevention is Always Better than Cure

Prevention is Always Better than Cure

Why so we work so hard? Why do we run after money only? The simple answer to these questions is we work for our family. It is not that we do not work for our own growth but we would love to anything when it comes to our family keeping our family healthy and secure. Sometimes it does happen that we forget to take our care. Being busy in the vicious circle of family and work often our own health takes a back seat. Sometimes, just a common cold or a mild fever or even weakness can turn out to be fatal. So it is important to take care not only for your family but also of yourself.

Prevention is Always Better than Cure

A prolonged or chronic disease starts with the symptoms of an acute disease only. A simple cough and cold is a symptom of common cold but if the coughing continues for a longer duration it could turn into the chronic disease i.e. Tuberculosis. A mild fever can sometimes turn out to be a dengue fever or swine flu. So it is advisable to prevent a disease unless and until it reaches into a worst stage.

What is a Swine Flu?

H1N1 virus, famously known as Swine Flu that has shows the symptoms of regular flu. It is basically a contagious disease that originated from the pigs and its traces can be found in the humans also. This disease has proved to be a fatal disease for human race.

Symptoms of Swine Flu?

The symptoms of a swine flu are similar to a regular influenza. A person develops fever, weakness that he/she might mistake it for influenza.  It is always recommended that if the high fever remains for days with persistent coughing, or having a sore throat for days or stuffy nose, body aches, fatigue or developing diarrhea, nausea or vomiting should consult a doctor and must go for a H1N1 checkup. A person showing these symptoms or a combination of symptoms mentioned above is need of a proper medical attention.

How to Prevent Swine Flu?

A must thing to prevent Swine Flu is to have a clinical thermometer at home. This is sometimes even surprising that how can a small clinical thermometer help in preventing it. But yes having a digital thermometer at home can help you fight back Swine Flu. Because of the digital thermometer varying from A&D Multifunctional Infrared thermometer to Omron MC-720 digital thermometer exclusively at you can note down your body rising or falling body temperature at regular intervals.

Prevention is Always Better than Cure

Assessing body temperature through touch doesn’t give you an accurate measure of the temperature of the body. To find the temperature accurately one needs to have a digital thermometer which you can simply buy at

Avoid public or crowded areas, wash your hands before eating or else sanitize tour hands properly. Clean up your smartphones or laptops or tablets on regular basis as these things carries a lot of germs on them and our lives survive on them. Keep yourself hydrated. And if you or anyone else in your family has high fever from some days, then do consult a doctor and go for H1N1 checkup.

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