Retinoscope and its types

Retinoscope is a medical device used by an examiner to look into the patient’s eyes. Retinoscope was invented by Jacob Copeland With the help of a retinoscope an examiner observes the reflection of the patient’s retina. While using the light of the retinoscope the examiner places lenses on the eyes. It depends on Foucault’s blade edge test, which expresses that the analyst ought to mimic optical endlessness to get the right refractive power. Henceforth, a power relating to the functioning distance is deducted from the gross retinoscopy worth to give the patient’s refractive condition, the functioning distance focal point being one which has a central length of the analyst’s separation from the patient (for example +1.50 dioptre focal point for a 67 cm working distance). Myopes show an “against” reflex, and that implies that the course of development of light seen from the retina is an alternate heading to that where the light shaft is cleared. Hyperopes, then again, show a “with” development, and that implies that the heading of development of light seen from the retina is equivalent to that in which the light shaft is swept.

This type of retinoscopy is performed when patients have relaxed accommodative status. This can be done when by viewing a distant target and by the use of cycloplegic drugs. On the other hand, if we talk about dynamic retinoscopy then this can be performed when a patient has active accommodation from viewing a near target.


Types of Retinoscope

If we talk about the types of the retinoscope then there are two types of retinoscope which are streak and the other one is the spot. Both are used in different retinoscopy techniques. But if we do a comparison between these two then streak is more useful. Let us talk about both retinoscopes in detail.


Streak retinoscope- The streak retinoscope was first developed by Jack C Copeland. He is also known as the father of streak Retinoscope He patented this in 1927. This produces a linear beam that rotates through the ocular medium. It includes two modes one is Plano mode and the other one is converging mode. In most cases, this streak retinoscope is used with Plano mode. It offers less illumination in comparison to the spot retinoscope. It can be rotated to any axis. It can be changed from convergent to divergent light.


Spot Retinoscope-The first electric retinoscope was developed by Wolff in 1991. This includes a tiny bulb that further helps to spotlight the eye. As this type of retinoscope only has a Plano mode so there is no adjustment needed. In comparison to streak retinoscope, it offers more information. This spot of light can be changed by a slide knob. It can be made larger or smaller in diameter.


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