Historical Background Of Heine

 Heine is a well-known manufacturer of surgical devices and instruments. It is a German-based brand near Munich, Germany. This brand was founded by German physicist Helmut in 1946. This brand has completed its 75 years. Helmut believes in these principles that are as follows-

  1. He wants to make something meaningful that contributes to society.
  2. Always develop the best quality.
  3. Produce relevant components that drive innovation

Heine has maintained a quality system as the products meet international standards with European medical device regulations. The Heine brand was awarded “German Standards Brand of the century”. Really this was a massive achievement. Heine is a well-known trusted German brand that is very amazing in terms of quality. The trust that it has earned from the last few decades is really amazing. Heine earned a lot of reputation worldwide. We can’t measure the quality of Heine products in currencies like the euro, yen, etc as they devoted years to make it the world’s most known brand.

Situation before Heine

Before Heine, it was very hard to use surgical devices like stethoscopes, otoscopes because it was very difficult to maintain them. A major issue that arises regarding maintenance is that it is very difficult to clean a stethoscope, to carry a stethoscope. Heine is the only German brand that does everything from development to packaging. They do everything like coating, assembling inspection, etc. You know what is the most amazing thing about the Heine brand is that they won’t compromise on the quality. They ensure great quality because of this sometimes their products might be costlier. But this is the only reason for their great durability. They won’t cut corners from the quality. Quality is their key concern.

How Scenario change?

As of now, Heine is a very popular brand that makes the use of surgical devices very easy. Heine offers great durability, affordability, and comfort. The most amazing part is that all the products from this brand are very easy to clean. You can clean them very easily. In terms of quality, they are doing a great job.

Range of products

Dermatoscopes– Heine manufactures great quality Dermatoscopes. Even Heine is the inventor of Dermatoscopes. Invented in the year 1989. Dermatoscopes are used to detect or examine skin problems. Heine Delta 30 is one of the amazing products from Heine. It offers a great viewing angle and wonderful image quality which makes this product different from other brands. The other variety of dermatoscopy is delta one which is only recommended for practitioners and it is very lightweight which makes it easy to use and suitable for any pocket.

Otoscopes– Heine is a manufacturer of an otoscope from 1946. You can trust the quality of this brand as it offers a unique design and a very compact design. The weight is so light that you can easily carry it anywhere. It also offers some advanced features like anti-slip; sturdy and it is very bright. In otoscope, we have Heine beta 200 which is made up of metal which not only makes it premium but also durable and long-lasting. It also offers large scratch resistance glass which enhances the viewing angles.

Ophthalmic Instruments– Heine brand also makes ophthalmic instruments. These instruments are used while performing ophthalmoscopy. There are two approaches to ophthalmoscopy. The first one is Direct and the other one is indirect. The direct ophthalmoscope is used when the eye of both the examiner and patient are in close proximity. The indirect approach is used at a distance of about 50cm. The Heine omega enables the doctor to find more accurate results. It gives great viewing angles and offers the best 3d imaging which is available in all pupil sizes. It has a feature of Led light technology which is ideal in terms of brightness for both patient and doctor. It is also very better in terms of comfort as it is very compact, lightweight has a lithium polymer battery which further enhances its performance.

Loups and lights– Heine also manufactures loups and lights which are very superior in terms of quality. Heine microlight 2 with S-Frame. This microlight is 25% brighter as compared to others. This also features a replaceable connecting cord that can connect with m pack mini. This is very compact and easy to carry.

These are the Heine products as you see the brand not only offers you comfort but also gives devices a premium look and also, they are very compact. You buy these products online from Skytech medical as we are the authorized dealer of Heine products and provide you with good quality products even at affordable prices. Do explore our wide range of products and stay in touch.

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