Otoscopes And It’s Uses

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An otoscope is a tool that is used by a physician to look into the ears. It is very valuable to detect various ear problems like pain and discomfort. Its other name is auriscope. If you have any discomfort and you go for a checkup then the physician uses this basic tool to look into your ears. It gives a complete view of your ear canal and eardrum. As the value of earwax, pus which presents in the ear makes it uncertain to view the eardrum that’s why an otoscope comes into use. If we talk about its structure then it consists of a handle and a head. The head contains a light and a magnifying glass. The physician first straightens your ear canal and then inserts the otoscope inside. It must be handled by an expert doctor to avoid injury. The examiner or a physician looks into the ear with the help of a lens and then clearly sees the ear canal. Sometimes to examine properly the doctor removes the lens and then inserts the tool into the ear to remove ear wax properly. As there are two types of otoscopes available which are portable and wall mounted. Sometimes doctors might use wall-mounted otoscopes which are attached by a flexible power cord that is particularly plugged into an electric outlet. On the other hand, if talk about portable otoscopes then they are powered by rechargeable batteries. The diseases which can be detected with the help of otoscopes are otitis media and infection in the middle and outer part of the ear. It may also use to examine patients’ nose 

The otoscopes which are used commonly in general practice or in emergency rooms are monocular devices or we can call them small telescope which is very easy to carry even in a pocket or in a purse. Doctors also use a binocular microscope but in some cases only if the earwax obstructs the canal. It captures the depth view. As it is very complex in usage so only trained professionals like Ent specialists or an otologist can use this. If used by an unprofessional person then it may damage your ear or there might be a chance of some injury. 


This is a very common question that comes to everyone’s mind but you need not worry it will not damage you. But there is a slight risk if it is inserted too far into the ear. As doctors know better how to use them. So, if there is any ear-related disease, go directly to the doctor. They will see if using an otoscope is necessary or not. 

Description of stethoscope that is provided by Skytech Medical 

If you are brand conscious and looking for a good otoscope that has all the specifications like durability, Affordability then you must go for the Heine otoscope. It is a good combination of both durability and affordability. Heine is a German brand that provides medical devices globally.


  1. It is easy to maintain. 

2. It has maximum quality with a minimum dimension.

  1. Reflex-free illumination of the tympanum and ear canal. 
  2. Design is unique and compatible. 

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