Knee Pain Causes In Young Adults

Knee pain

People usually think Knee Pain is associated with age, that’s why old people are more prone to knee damage. But nowadays it is also common in adults. But the causes are quite different. Even symptoms feel the same but the actual reasons are completely different. Pain and stiffness are quite common in early age. Common Joint injuries include tendonitis and bursitis. But these are connected with intense activities. These causes are also common among those who are non-active or have started intense activities all of a sudden. These types of issues are common in young people but that doesn’t mean they are the only causes of knee pain. Other common causes of Knee pain in young adults include knock knees, Trauma, muscular imbalances, etc. In this blog we will discuss knee pain causes in young adults.

Two Major causes Of knee pain In Young Adults

Osteoarthritis- This is also very common among adults. Especially those who are involved in excessive running, and high jump are more prone to arthritis. As there are high chances of cartilage damage involved. Repeated injuries near the cartilage may develop arthritis. Being overweight is also a cause of concern as it will put a strain on the knees and that will weaken the cartilage and also break it down more quickly. 

Patellofemoral syndrome- This syndrome is also common in young adults. Weak thigh muscles and tendons around your knee can put a lot of pressure on the knee joint. All of a sudden you will feel pain around the kneecap. People with this type of syndrome may experience pain while doing squats and climbing stairs. In some cases, people may also feel a grinding sensation inside the knee. In very rare cases a condition called chondromalacia patella is also present.

Here are a few ways that help in curing knee pain:

– Completely avoid arduous activities.

– Using ice therapy

– Avoid taking medications that have steroids in them. 

– Light Stretching.

– Physiotherapy that helps in knee balance. 

Knee pain in adults is not very much serious as timely treatment always helps. If your pain is increasing day by day then there is a high chance that the risk may increase in the future. Before the pain gets worse you need to pay a visit to a highly-trained specialist clinic. Even the healthcare specialist will also recommend a knee cap or knee brace for better support depending on your problem. To buy any knee cap or knee brace you can visit our website and order as we are one of the largest distributors in India and sell both online and offline. 

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