Best Breast Pump Machine For Breast Feeding Moms

This a very common question that arises Why is a breast pump necessary? Why it is used? Through this blog, I want to drive your attention toward Breast Pumps. As your all queries related to the breast pump will be resolved after reading this blog. We do all the groundwork for you and really at the end of this blog you can easily find a better solution as I will recommend the best-selling brand and some tips on how to choose the best breast pump machine. Let’s enter into a critical debate. 

In simple words, we can define a breast pump as a device that is used by a woman to extract milk from the breasts. As we all know it is very difficult for a working woman to breastfeed her child. Here the concept of a Breast pump comes in. As we can extract milk easily with the help of a breast pump and it is given by a caregiver to your child later. 

Earlier people use hand expression techniques to extract the milk and also find this technique skillful. The process behind breast milk is quite intricate. Let’s have a look at how the process runs. How milk comes out? When breastfeeding starts then it stimulates the nerve in the nipple and then the areola which is the darker side around the nipple sends a message to the brain to release milk from the breast. This whole process is known to us as the milk ejection reflex.

During this whole process, milk starts dripping like a tap, and as more milk comes out baby starts swallowing it faster. A mother or a helper starts using this technique by using their fingers so that they can extract milk easily and later they will give this milk to their baby.

Hand Expression Vs Machine Breast Pump

Best Breast Pump Machine For Breast Feeding Moms

It is still hard to believe that the Machine Breast pump is much more superior and effective than the hand expression as now breast pumps are coming with the latest technologies. People usually rely on the hand expression method but this method is very time-consuming and irritating. 

Other than this you will see two types of Breast Pumps in the market. The first one is a manual breast pump and the other one is an electric breast pump. Buying a breast pump is like a herculean task for a mother. As you have to take a lot of factors into consideration. A manual breast pump is a great choice for those who won’t pump very often. As far as if we talk about the electric breast pump then it is good for a working woman as it will save a lot of time and effort. 

Which Type Of Breast Pump Should I Choose As a Mother?

For better understanding let’s breakout this breast pump into three categories. These categories are: 

Electric Breast Pump

If you are pumping more than once then an Electric breast pump is the best option for you. It not only saves a lot of time but also empties your breasts more quickly. So, your milk supply will increase over time. Most electric breast pump comes with a battery which helps in saving you precious time. 


The second one is wearable breast pumps that perfectly fit inside your bra. You can wear this while driving, cleaning, or relaxing. These breast pumps also come with rechargeable batteries

Manual Breast pump

This breast pump is a good choice for those women who pump once a day or even less. As you will have to do pumping yourself as there is no motor connected. These pumps only pump one breast at a time. So, it is very time-consuming.

Other Factors That You Need To Look At Before Buying a Breast Pump

First, you need to understand your need. As if you are a full-time working woman then you will need a double electric breast pump. If you pump less often and your partner can give your baby a bottle then a manual pump suits your needs. 

A Few Things That You Need To Consider Are As Follows:- 


As this is one of the most important factors that women look for while buying a breast pump. It is not necessary for a branded portable breast pump works very well. This particular aspect is totally dependent on the mothers.


The second most important aspect is cleaning. As most breast pumps are easy to clean but still there are some other breasts pumps also available in the market that has different components. Cleaning those extra components makes the process irksome.


Nowadays this aspect is really important. As moms usually prefer those breast pumps that are less noisy so that while they are involved with someone on a phone call the noise won’t disturb them. 

As we have discussed each and every aspect regarding breast pumps in this blog. Now I want to recommend the best brand that manufactures quality breast pumps. So, Ardo is a brand that is ruling the Indian market nowadays. In terms of both manual and electric breast pumps, this brand offers the best durability, and also it is made up of high-quality material that makes this brand stand out. 

You can buy Ardo breast pumps from Skytech medical & surgical devices. As Skytech Medical is India’s largest distributor of medical equipment and surgical instruments. Now it’s high time to enter this debate here. We will soon be back with our next blog. Stay connected!!!

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