Which Stethoscope Should I Buy As A Medical Student?

Which Stethoscope Should I Buy As a Medical Student

Are you also confused about buying a stethoscope? Students are most often confused about buying a stethoscope while they are pursuing their MBBS. The most confusing thing here is a lot of brands available in the market from lowest to highest. The brands that are available in the market are Microtone, Diamond, Littmann, and Heine. Littmann is one of the most amazing and widely acceptable brands in the market. The brand is known for its durability and excellent acoustics. Here in this blog, you will get the answer to the trendiest question i.e. which stethoscope should I buy as a medical student? We will further discuss each and everything about the stethoscope and I will try to make this blog completely informational.   

Let’s dive deeper and discuss each and every stethoscope model. Let’s start with Infant and Pediatric stethoscopes. These are used by neonatologists and pediatricians depending on the age of the baby. The Littmann Classic III Stethoscope series is a jewel for everyone, general physicians, medical students, cardiologists, etc. You can easily detect the sounds produced by heart, lungs, and bowel sounds also. If we talk about the cardiology iv stethoscope and master cardiology then these models are used by the cardiologist and pulmonologists. One of the most incredible inventions by Littmann is core digital. This stethoscope comes with a feature of active Noise cancellation and is specifically designed for cardiologists. 

Here is the Littmann Stethoscope series:

Littmann Classic III Stethoscope series- Littmann Classic III Series is ideal for effective monitoring for both adults and pediatricians. This stethoscope comes with both adult and pediatric side chest pieces. It is the most preferable and most affordable stethoscope. The price of this stethoscope makes it a must-by-deal for medical students.

Littmann Cardiology- This is an upgraded version of the Littmann Cardiology III and is tailored for cardiac diagnosis. The stethoscope provides you with better audibility and it has a versatile chestpiece. A very useful stethoscope in a challenging environment. 

Littmann Classic II Infant- This model produces superior acoustics. With the help of this stethoscope, you can hear the subtle sounds very clearly. It will save you time and effort and also provide you with the most accurate diagnosis. 

Which stethoscope did you buy in your first year of MBBS?

If you are in your first year of MBBS and your budget is tight then you can go for any stethoscope including microtone or maybe diamond. But according to me, you need to invest in a more advanced brand i.e. a Littmann or Heine. If you practice through these stethoscopes from the beginning then there are high chances that you will gain a lot of expertise and experience. Brands like Littmann and Heine are known for their excellent acoustics and they are the best in terms of durability also. One of the best things about the Littmann brand is that they add a lot of innovative things to their products. The best stethoscope that they have launched is the Littmann core Digital stethoscope. 

Choosing a stethoscope looks quite easy but it is a tedious task. Most importantly we need to find an authorized dealer so that we know whether the stethoscope that we are using is authentic or not. Skytech Medical & Surgical Devices is one of the largest distributors of various well-known brands including the Heine and Littmann. 

What company is the best medical equipment supplier?

The answer to this question is quite difficult. As there are different types of medical equipment dealers available in the market.  Choosing the right one is a big challenge. You need to evaluate various things before buying like the existence, reputation, and most importantly testimonials. The best medical equipment supplier from where I have purchased a lot of things altogether including a stethoscope, orthopedic products etc is Skytech Medical & Surgical Devices. It is a customer-centric company that delivers a large variety of medical equipment and surgical devices all over India. 


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