How Do I Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain?

How Do I Get Rid Of Lower Back pain?

Are you also suffering from Lower back pain? If yes, then you are at the right place as with the help of this blog you will get plenty of information that might be very useful for you. So, first of all, lower back pain is a very common problem that is arising nowadays and if left untreated then it will definitely land you in a lot of trouble. Mostly lower back pain occurs early in the morning when you wake up and suddenly realised that terrible pain and how this pain may ruin your life. 

Lifting heavy weights might be the cause of severe back pain and sciatica is one of the most common problems that usually arise as people are getting involved in intensive workouts including weight-lifting etc. Lifting heavy weights might disrupt the longest nerve of the body i.e. sciatica. Doctors usually call this issue a pinched nerve. This pain starts from the hip and ends at the calf. Sometimes it becomes irksome as you will feel that someone is pinching needles in your calves and lower back. Day by day you will see that the pain and the condition of your back are getting worse. 

Here are some solutions :

Heat/Cold therapy- It is one of the most inexpensive ways to treat lower back pain.  If you have any sort of back injury which is a result of a fall or a sports injury then you may find heat/cold therapy very useful. Even if you have spinal stenosis then also heat and cold therapy is quite beneficial. 

Reduce Stress- If you are overloaded by work and living a stressful life then lower-back pain is common in your case. Involving in hours of work by sitting on a desk or lying in a bed may ruin your life. Do some required changes in your diet by adding some healthier foods in your diet. Spending some time with those who you consider are special to you helps in relieving the stress. 

Back Strengthening Exercises- Back strengthening exercises are very good and they can make your back stronger. The more you stretch the lesser pain you feel. Twist your spine gently as it will increase your mobility. Even yoga stretches are also considered very helpful. One of the known and beneficial yoga stretches i.e. a child pose is helpful in lowering lower back issues. 

Quality Footwear- Wearing shoes that are high in cushioning helps in relieving your back pain. You need to check the comfortability of a shoe and also the size. If it is smaller in size and you feel tightness then you will feel trouble while walking. For better mobility prefer wearing an ortho insole inside the shoe.

Avoid lifting heavy weights- Doing exercise regularly is very useful but not at the cost of your health. As people hit the gym every day but they lift heavy weights and this may adversely affect their back. As a result, lower back pain occurs. So while going to the gym always remember one thing that does not lift heavy weights if you have lower back pain. 

By following the above steps you will definitely see some good results. To cure back pain completely you need to continue your physiotherapy sessions and some painkillers under the supervision of the health experts. A healthcare specialist will also recommend wearing an orthopedic belt. To buy an orthopedic belt you need to choose a brand that is very durable and affordable. The two most widely acceptable brands are Flamingo and Tynor

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