Tynor- A solution for every pain




Nowadays, there are many people who are suffering from knee pain, back pain, and several other injuries. People are involved in so many running activities which may increase the chances of getting an injury. Tynor brand is fully committed to decreasing the chances of such injuries. Their products provide optimum support to the body and are made from the superior quality material recommended by the doctor. Tynor is India’s best-selling brand. It is also expanding its horizons all over the world now. Tynor has a presence in over 50 countries and is known to us as the No.1 Doctor’s recommended brand.


What does Tynor provide?

Tynor provides optimal compression, more grip, good comfort, and most amazing part better durability. It is a quick healer and easy to remove and wear. Tynor provides a wide range of products. Here are some amazing products which tynor provides:


Tynor lumbosacral belt – If you are suffering from back pain then Tynor lumbosacral belt is the best. The material of this belt is of very top quality so it can’t irritate you. You can use this belt daily to get rid of your back pain. It is very easy to use and even easy to carry. The brand also claims that the product is very durable so don’t worry if you have some sort of back pain then you can buy this.


Tynor Knee cap– To provide the optimum level of support to your knee you can buy tynor knee cap. The fabric which they use is very stretchable and also ensures a great level of comfort. It speeds up healing and eliminates pain completely.  So, Tynor knee cap is a better choice.


Tynor wrist band- Wrist injuries are common and if left untreated might cause a lot of pain in the future. To reduce your wrist pain you can buy tynor wrist band. As not only provides you comfort but also reduces your wrist pain.


Tynor cervical pillow- Nowadays the life of people is very hectic because of work pressure, and educational pressure. So, they are working continuously for hours which may lead to cervical or neck pain. If you want to reduce your neck pain you can buy this cervical pillow from tynor. It is very soft and also has anti-fungal properties.


Tynor ankle support- It is specially designed to give support to the ankle. Don’t worry you have tynor ankle support and it is made up of very good quality material. It also reduces the swelling and sprains of the ankle.


Tynor chest binder– Tynor chest binder may flatten your chest or reduce the unnecessary fat from your chest.  It helps stabilize the fractures of the sternum. The material of tynor chest binder is very amazing. It won’t cause any sort of irritation.

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