Nurse Stethoscope vs Doctor Stethoscope- A Complete Guide

A stethoscope is one of the most important tools that is used by doctors. But those who are not related to healthcare professionals may find that all the stethoscopes are the same. But there is a lot of difference between the stethoscope that has been used by doctors and nurses. To know more about this you need to dive deeper. 

Basic Stethoscopes vs Advanced Stethoscopes

As there are two types of stethoscopes available the basic ones and the advanced stethoscopes. But these stethoscopes have some differences so let’s take a closer look at their characteristics.

Basic stethoscopes are used by the students and also used by the nurses. In terms of looks they are not that attractive but still, most doctors prefer this over other high-end stethoscopes. They do not have any extra features and because of that, their usage is limited as they can amplify noise detected during physical examination. 

Advanced stethoscopes come with extra features as they are expensive. While it is not required for everyone, usually physicians prefer these high-quality stethoscopes. Even a digital stethoscope that comes from the house of Littmann is the most advanced stethoscope. One of the special Littmann stethoscopes that have been used by cardiologists is an Electronic stethoscope as they come with an active noise cancellation that will eliminate the background sounds completely. While investing in this stethoscope a doctor looks at two main parameters which are the active noise cancellation feature and the amplification for most of the doctors who usually world in an emergency find this stethoscope quite useful.

Why is the investment in a Better quality stethoscope necessary?

First of all, nurses are mostly occupied with the groundwork that’s why it is believed that a high-end is not necessary for them. As they are involved in the groundwork that’s why there are high chances of damage to their stethoscope. To recover from those damages a little investment in the Littmann stethoscope is quite beneficial as it will add years to its life. The flexibility of a stethoscope is also quite important as most nurses choose a stethoscope that has outstanding flexing ability. But some amplification is necessary for nurses but that doesn’t mean that they need a high-end electronic stethoscope. 

Best Stethoscope Brand For Nurses and Doctors

Stethoscopes from 3M Littmann are used widely by everyone including nurses, students, and most importantly doctors. 3M littmann is the future stethoscope for nurses. This stethoscope is used widely in various clinics by several doctors, and medical students. The Littmann stethoscope is famous for its top-notch quality and the investment in this brand is definitely worth it. To buy a good quality and authentic Littmann stethoscope you need to look for an authorized dealer as there are a ton of benefits that you can get with this including on-time warranty and service. Skytech Medical and Surgical Devices are one of the largest distributors all over India that has been selling a wide range of medical equipment and devices since 1960. As we are the oldest one in this industry and we take guarantee that no one has this level of experience that we have. 

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