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Rossmax TG380 Flexi Tip Thermometer

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  • The flexible tip makes it convenient to use
  • Provides faster results in 10 seconds
  • Has a low-battery indicator
  • The alarm function notifies when peak temperature is reached


Rossmax TG380 Flexi Tip Thermometer is a device that measures the body’s temperature. It can be used in the oral cavity, rectal cavity, and under the armpit. The highly flexible tip and the alarm sound make it easy for the user to use the device and know the completion of the measurement process.

Rossmax TG380 Flexi Tip Thermometer is used to measure the body temperature and convert the reading into a readable format such as Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Product Specifications and Features:

  • Measurement range: 32.0C – 42.9C / 90.0F – 109.9F
  • Time is taken for result: 10 seconds
  • Alarm function: The thermometer has an alarm function that notifies the user that the measurement process has been completed
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Auto shut-off: Yes
  • Unit of measurement: C/F switchable
  • Low-battery indicator: Yes
  • Battery type: One 1.5V D.C. button size battery type SR41 or LR41 or equivalent
  • Battery life: Approximately 1500 times operation or 1 year with 1-2 measurements per day including standby mode
  • Display: LCD
  • Self-diagnosis for malfunction feature alerts the user that the device is facing some error and will not produce an accurate result
  • Contents: 1 digital thermometer, batteries, and instruction manual

Good to Know: Dual mode reading (°F and °C )

Type of Thermometer: Non-mercury-based digital thermometer

Directions for Use:

  • Clean the tip with cold water and soap, then rinse it
  • Turn the thermometer on
  • Put the tip under your tongue, towards the back of your mouth
  • Close your lips around the thermometer
  • Wait until it beeps or flashes
  • Check the temperature on the display

Safety Information:
Read the label carefully before use

  • Do not soak the display in the water
  • Do not bend, drop, or twist the thermometer. It is not shockproof
  • Do not store the unit under direct sunlight, at a high temperature, in high humidity, or in dust
  • Keep the battery away from children. Harmful if swallowed
  • Do not disassemble
  • Battery should not be charged or placed into extreme heat as it may explode
  • Remove the battery from the thermometer when not in operation for a long time
  • The thermometer should be washed before and after each use, preferably with an antiseptic solution
  • Handle the thermometer with care

Frequently Asked Questions:
What does the ‘Err’ error message mean?
It indicates that the system is not functioning properly. To solve this, unload the batter, wait for 1 minute and repower it. This should solve the issue.

The battery icon is flashing on the display? What does this mean?
This indicates that the battery has run out of power and needs to be replaced.

How to clean the device?
Clean the device by wiping it with a dry cloth and disinfecting the probe with ethyl alcohol.

How do you know if the thermometer is accurate?
The ice bath test is the easiest way to test a thermometer for accuracy, assuming the thermometer will display temperatures of 32°F or less.

How do you know if the thermometer is broken?
Insert the thermometer into the glass of cold water without touching the sides of the glass. After 30 seconds, the thermometer should read 32° F. If it doesn’t, it may need to be replaced or recalibrated.

What can affect a thermometer reading?
Direct sunlight, cold temperatures, or a sweaty forehead can affect temperature readings. Variations in user technique, such as holding the scanner too far away from the forehead, also may affect accuracy.



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