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HEINE ML4 LED Headlight with mPack Unplugged and plug-in transformer

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With mPack UNPLUGGED abd plug-in transformer UNPLUGGEDFlexible Power Source OptionsComfortable and secure fit Adjustable spot size J-008.31.415 Shipping Free

114,985.92152,196.80 Incl. GST (-24%)

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Perfect fit. Perfect view. During long procedures.


Topseller in all surgical specialties: The HEINE ML4 LED HeadLight is specially designed for healthcare professionals who need a perfect view during long surgical operations or treatments.


  • Perfect fit
  • Shadow free
  • Adjustable spot size
  • LED in HEINE Quality – or LED HQ.
  • HEINE Binocular Loupes and Headlights ordering information


There’s an LED. And there’s LEDHQ. HEINE has set a new standard that maintains that only the best is good enough, from the selection of materials to processing, from light intensity to dimmability, and from thermal management to a color rendering index as high as possible. That’s what we call LED in HEINE Quality – or LEDHQ.


Adjustable illumination spot size: 30mm to 80mm spot size range (at 420mm working distance) to fit any examination situation.


Bright and homogenous illumination. Absolutely bright light spot that is uniform from edge-to-edge for the perfect illumination in all examination situations.


Stepless light intensity control. The optimal brightness setting prevents reflexes.


Flexibility. Flexible Power Source Options: 100% mobility with a choice of cable-free mPack UNPLUGGED head-worn battery or mPack belt-worn battery pack.


Coaxial illumination. The coaxial design ensures a completely shadow-free image and allows for excellent illumination of difficult-to-see areas.


Comfortable and secure fit. The Professional L headband has multiple adjustment points and soft padding for comfort and stability – even during long examinations.


Optional filters: Polarisation Filter P2 improves contrast and the yellow filter reduces blue light.




HEINE Quality Made In Germany

As a global leader in the manufacture of primary diagnostic instruments with over 500 employees, HEINE Optotechnik has been a 100 % family owned and managed company for more than 70 years. We continue to develop and manufacture HEINE instruments at our facilities in Germany, where we combine decades-long experience and craftsmanship with the most modern manufacturing technologies.


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HEINE ML4 LED Headlight with mPack UNPLUGGED and plug-in transformer

HEINE ML4 LED Headlight with mPack Unplugged and plug-in transformer

114,985.92152,196.80 Incl. GST (-24%)

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