Neoprene hinged knee brace

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Hinged Support Adjustable Support Ergonomic Fit Double locking 4 Way Stretch

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Have a knee problem but not that serious? Are you just looking for something protective to wear during an upcoming strenuous physical activity? Pick up a Vissco Hinged Elastic Support with Patella opening. It provides support and mediolateral stability to the knee. It improves proprioceptive performance through controlled compression and even protects from hyperextension. Its inner cushion provides extra relief to the knee joint, while the patella opening reduces the pressure on it. The hinged patella knee brace provides ideal rehabilitation stability against lateral movement of the knee. The neoprene rubber provides and retains body heat which helps blood circulation. The adjustable strapping allows for correction of the patellar tilt, glide and rotation. The hinges of course, provide both stability and mobility.

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