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Heine Mini 3000 Ophthalmoscope XHL (D-001.71.120)

12,980.8020,556.00 Incl. gst (-37%)

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12,980.8020,556.00 Incl. gst (-37%)

Product Description

XHL Xenon Halogen light technology is used in this modern portable ophthalmoscope. Bright concentrated light provides optimal lighting, a vivid image, and precise color rendering.


  • Compact Pocket OphthalmoscopeTop quality ophthalmoscope with fixation star aperture in pocket format.
  • Quality optics in mini-format.
  • Ideal for rounds and house calls.
  • Can only be used with the mini 3000 handle system.
  • Available in black or blue.
  • Enhanced XHL Xenon Halogen Technology.
  • Concentrated white light for perfect illumination and a brilliant image.
  • 2-piece handle and head.
  • Easy to maintain, flexible.
  • 5 different apertures.
  • A full-function instrument incl.
  • fixation star.
  • Range of lenses: –20 D to +20 D.
  • High-quality handle: Chrome-finish upper section/ refined plastic. Shockproof, sturdy, non-slip.
  • Attachment clip with integrated on/off switch.
  • Secure, Switches off automatically when returned to the pocket.
  • 20.000 switch cycles guaranteed.




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Heine Mini 3000 Ophthalmoscope XHL (D-001.71.120)

12,980.8020,556.00 Incl. gst (-37%)

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