Littman Stethoscope Classic II Design & Details

littmann stethoscopes classic 2 details

If you want to buy Littman Stethoscope Classic II, then you are not alone. Whether you are a doctor, a nurse or a student, Stethoscope is one of your most essential tools in medical practice.

You can buy a littmann stethoscope classic II for general practice or specially designed for cardiology, or pediatric. In any case, the most popular stethoscope selected by healthcare selected by healthcare workers in hospitals and clinics is the 3M Littman Stethoscope Classic II.

This extraordinarily famous model is a single lumen stethoscope, perfectly suited as numerous examination stethoscopes. version 2144L, weighing most effective one hundred sixty grams and 27 “in duration. Littman soft sealing ear tips provide excellent sound transmission and comfort. Other features include a noc-cooled rim and diaphragm and classification of available tube colors.

The better acoustic sensitivity of its tunable diaphragm provides the user with years of high performance and lightweight convenience.

3M LittmannStethoscope Classic II SE The stethoscope is a reliable, hard-working diagnostic tool for the physical assessment and monitoring of your patients. It is a choice of millions of care providers who are dedicated to achieving best patient results.

he’s the 3M littmann stethoscope classic II SE The stethoscope is an actual medical employee, who provides excessive acoustic sensitivity via its double-sided, chrome steel chest; On one aspect, with a tunable diaphragm and the traditional bell on the alternative. conventional Littmann stethoscope classic II is used by students and clinical specialists to discover, concentrate and study hearts, lungs and other frame sounds for bodily assessment and analysis.

Tunable diaphragm technique – A 3M inventor allows doctors to hear different frequency sounds by adjusting the pressure on the chestpiece. Hold the chestpiece with light pressure to hear low frequency noise; Press a little more to hear the high frequency noise. This time saving facility allows the healthcare provider to focus on the patient, while the non-chill rim provides relief to the patient.

Headset tension is easily adjusted for the size and comfort of the head or squeezing together or separating the eartube. Snap-tight, soft-sealing eartips are tailor-made to one-of-a-kind ears for an top notch acoustic seal and relaxed healthy.Eartips strongly require an important effort to remove the photo and security, at the ends of eartubes.

flexible subsequent-generation tubing maintains its shape and versatility even after folding tightly right into a pocket.Due to improvements in skin oil and alcohol resistance, it provides long life stethoscope, and there is less chance of getting stains. The next generation tubing is not made from natural rubber latex, which is a benefit for sensitive medical professionals and their patients. And, to play a part in the protection of human health and the environment, phthalate plasticizers are not included in the next generation tubing.

Littmann stethoscope classic IISE in the United States, stethoscope is constantly made for quality. It comes with big soft-sealing eritips, big firm eartips and instructions.


  • flexible chestpiece format offers immoderate acoustic sensitivity with every a tunable diaphragm and open bell.
  • Tuneable diaphragm: listen to high or low frequency sounds with the useful resource of barely adjusting pressure on chestpiece.
  • Non-cold rim and diaphragm provide comfort to the patient.
  • gentle-sealingeartips offer an extremely good acoustic seal and secure healthy.
  • The headset is easily adjusted for non-public fit and comfort. Angled eartubes align with ear canals.

3M Littmann stethoscope classic II SE The teaching optimizes the stethoscope proven classic II SE. Design in an excellent educational tool. Its dual headset trainers and students allow patients with high acoustic sensitivity to be simultaneously.

  • Black and Burgundy tube coloration teachers and students effortlessly allow to separate the headset.
  • long, 40-inch (102 cm) tube for clean movement around the patient.
  • versatile chestpiece design offers high acoustic sensitivity with both a tunable diaphragm and open bell.
  • Tuneable diaphragm: concentrate to excessive or low frequency sounds through slightly adjusting strain on chestpiece.
  • Both headsets are easily adjusted for personal fit and comfort. Angled eartubes align with ear canals.

3M Littmann stethoscope classic II SE The stethoscope is the standard of industry and the 3M’s patented tunable diaphragm provides the ability to listen for low frequency response and low and high frequency sounds without turning the chestpiece. With its excessive acoustic sensitivity, 3M Littmann stethoscope classic II SE The stethoscope has a nonchill rim, long lasting, single-lumen tubing and concrete combination chestpiece.

There is no other stethoscope in its orbit, which provides such quality and performance. classic II is available in a spread of one of a kind tube shades and specific finishes a good way to coordinate together with your uniform or permit you to specific your unique personal.

  • Dual head stethoscope
  • Using the patented tunable diaphragm, due to the higher surface area of ​​the chestpiece, the sound intensity increases when listening to low frequency sounds.
  • A nonchil rim on both diaphragm and bell means rest for your patient.
  • Patent 3M Litman comes with snap-tight soft-sealing eritps, which is designed to reassure an tremendous acoustic seal in ear canal with most consolation.
  • Tubing allows you to easily fold the scope without worrying about conking or breaking and comes in different colors.
  • Selection of specific tubes and Finnish combinations is available
  • personalize the head along with your initial or customise tubing so that your call is visible to patients and co-workers whilst your stethoscope is placing round your neck.
  • 28 “length
  • most tubing colorings include chrome eartube and grey soil. Black tubing with black clay, and come with brass, copper, smoke and black soil.

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