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Xamax Pro Model F Backrest

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Xamax Pro Model F Backrest

XAMAX Pro Model F, A Daily use lifestyle product developed to provide you with maximum comfort and a pleasurable sitting experience in your office.

Pro-F has the core creation defined by Human Factor Ergonomics, which allows it to offer an unmatched sitting experience on any full back office chair. Anyone, anytime, anywhere, can enjoy Pro-F’s sitting experience.

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2,310.00 Incl. GST

Product Description


  • Full Back support: Scientific crafting ensures non-stop full back support for the user every time.
  • Ergonomic design: Ergonomic design ensures Pro-F is applicable to any full-back chair.
  • Long-lasting Poly-Flexi foam: Our Unique composition of Poly-Flexi Foam ensures that any XAMAX Product is
  • Resilient: High resilience ensures that the product can be used over the years without getting de-shaped.
  • Shock absorption: The unique composition of the foam ensures no user experiences any unwanted impact while sitting.
  • Hypoallergenic 3d breathable fabric: Hypoallergenic 3D breathable fabric is skin-friendly, anti-microbial and specially designed for sitting & back applications.
  • Washable cover: The cover is easy to remove and can be washed when required for personal hygiene.
  • Colourful variants: Available in three colours Blue, black and grey.
  • Adjustable D hooks with belt: The adjustable D hooks with Elastic ensure proper fitting of the backrest on the chair.
  • Universal size: Allows it for use on any office chair with full back.


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Xamax Pro Model F Backrest

2,310.00 Incl. GST

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