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Surgical Diathermy Epsilon 400

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Product Features

  • Protection Class According to EN 60 601-1
  • Type according to EN 60 601-1 CF
  • Intelligent patient pad contact quality monitoring: Yes, with split patient plate
  • Output type: Floating
  • Auto Timer: Avoid power delivery by mistake for a long time.
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165,000.00200,000.00 Incl. GST (-17%)

Product Description

Cuadra presents the most advanced equipment in electrosurgery.

Epsilon 400 is fully loaded electrosurgical unit with sophisticated tissue sensing technology. Tissue sensing technology and advanced algorithm ensure that the cut is fine and necrosis is minimum without thermal spread. Bipolar cut is provided, which is most useful in laparoscopic procedures. Three bipolar coagulation modes provided with auto stop and auto start feature. ENDO cut is provided for controlled cutting. Si-coag is available in Epsilon400V2. Bipolar (Saline) TUR is special feature of Epsilon-Bi-TUR model.


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Surgical Diathermy Epsilon 400

165,000.00200,000.00 Incl. GST (-17%)

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