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SM-100.3 F22 Karma Premuim Wheelchair

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Product Specification


Seat Height 17 Inches
Load Capacity 100kg
Model Name/Number Karma SM-100.3 F22
Frame Color Black
Type Of Wheelchairs Premium Wheel Chair
Seat Width Standard 17″ to 19″
Material Aluminium
Frame Material Aluminium
Automation Grade Manual
Size/Dimension 25 Inches
Color Black
Number Of Wheels 2
Minimum Order Quantity 1

17,969.0027,500.00 Incl. GST (-35%)

Product Description

SM-100.3 F22


The SM-100.3 is an economical standard aluminum wheelchair. Sturdy, lightweight, and compact, it is an ideal wheelchair for people looking for a simple yet durable solution.

Elliptical Frame


The SM-100.3 is designed to challenge the conventional image of wheelchairs. The end result is not only stylish but also durable. The seamless elliptical frame achieves this goal by reducing the welding points and rectangular shape of the chair. We want to change the look of a wheelchair while at the same time keeping it reliable and affordable.


Tipping Lever


The tipping lever makes it easier for the caregiver to push the wheelchair over a threshold or edge. Simply press the tipping lever with one foot to tilt the wheelchair back and then carry it over the obstacle.


Detachable Seating System


Innovated Detachable Seating System makes it easy to detach and clean the upholstery. Simply unscrew the holders and slide the seat out. It also enhances the support on the surface to help avoid the “hammock effect.”


Anti-Slip Footplate


An anti-slip footplate improves foot positioning and keeps the foot from slipping off the footplate.


Desk-length Armrest Design


Allows the wheelchair user to roll closer to a desk or table.


Attendant Brake


Provides extra control and safety.




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SM-100.3 F22 Karma Premuim

SM-100.3 F22 Karma Premuim Wheelchair

17,969.0027,500.00 Incl. GST (-35%)

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