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 Coccyx Depression relieves pressure on the tail bone.

 Contoured edges for maximum sitting comfort

> Ergonomic design relieves the pressure from the thighs.

 Made up of medical grade PU foam.

 Removable & washable cover

 ergonomically designed for use on any chair

 Raised front help in preventing slipping,

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1,549.99 Incl. GST

Product Description

If your perfect sitting is compromised by pain in tailbone and hips, then Seatrest is the perfect companion for you. Scientifically designed Seatrest provides contoured optimal support to your thighs and hips while eliminating muscle stress and an ergonomically crafted U cut helps to relieve tailbone pain without any sitting adjustments.

Recommended For:

 Pain in legs/thighs

 Inflammatory pain

 Fall onto the Tail bone

 Pregnancy.


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1,549.99 Incl. GST

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