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Romsons Transflow Infusion Set

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  • Built-in air vent
  • “Y” type junction
  • Luer lock for safe connection
  • Sterlie
  • Box of 25
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563.483,360.00 Incl. GST (-83%)

Product Description

  • Specially Designed Vented Infusion Set.
  • Made from clear, transparent medical-grade polymer and has a flexible long drip chamber.
  • Comes with a sharp spike for better penetration of glass/plastic bottles.
  • Disc type 15μm fluid filter at the bottom of chamber filters any particulate matter in the I.V fluid.
  • Provided with super smooth kink resistant tube for unobstructed flow.
  • Provided with latex-free “Y” type injection port made up of polyisoprene for additional medication.
  • Efficient roller controller ensures better flow control.
  • Fixed Luer lock for secure connection to all standard devices.
  • Sterile, disposable, non-pyrogenic, individually packed.
  • Box of 25/ Master Box of 500.

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Tube Length

150 cm

Drop Rate

20 Drops/ml

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Transflow infusion Set

Romsons Transflow Infusion Set

563.483,360.00 Incl. GST (-83%)