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MX21i with Digital Head

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Introducing the MX21i Digital Microscope by Magnus, powered with the advanced Cilika digital technology. This microscope comes with an Apple iPad – 10.2 inch Screen having 64GB storage, providing a user-friendly experience. With its compact and ergonomic design, it ensures convenience for users. The Trueview Technology with digital zoom offers exceptional image clarity, while the Live micrometry feature allows for precise measurements. Capture still images and live videos (with sound) effortlessly. Choose between LED illumination or battery backup options. Enjoy a comfortable viewing angle while capturing the images.

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68,971.0076,634.99 Incl. GST (-10%)

Product Description

Digital Observation Head (Ipad)

10.2-inch Apple Ipad with an 8-megapixel camera along with an Ipad mounting adaptor (no need for observation tube and eyepiece)


Alluminium die-cast body with all critical movements based on ball bearing and wire guides thereby ensuring and precise manipulation

Mechanical Stage

Co-axial low drive mechanical stagewith wire movement (120x132mm) (+-5mm) with trasverse area of 30mm x 76mm (+-5mm) with single slide holder

Focusing System

Co-axial coarses and fine controls with a focus adjustment and fine adjustment knobs. Coarse focus range 20mm. Fine focus rotation 0.25mm

Condenser Holder

Rack and pinion mounted condenser holder


Abbe-condenser with aperture iris diaphragm (N.A 1.25) focusable with rack & pinion and a continously variable diaphragm


Illumination Base with Option

(a) 3W LED light source high brightness, longlife (30,000 hrs)

(b) 1 W LED light source (with battery back-up) High brightness, long life (30,000hrs). Battery back-up in built NiMH Rechargeable batteries provide 6 to 8 hrs back-up on a full charge

Nose Piece

Quadruple revolving nosepiece based on precision ball-bearing mechanism with positive click stop.


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MX21i with Digital Head

68,971.0076,634.99 Incl. GST (-10%)

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