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HEINE SIGMA®250 Indirect Ophthalmoscope

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mPack LL with plug-in transformer, Scleral depressor small, Scleral depressor large, A.R. 20 D ophthalmoscopy lens, Teaching mirror, Blue and yellow filters, Diffusor Retaining cord, Cleaning fluid and Carrying caseSynchronized convergence and parallax adjustment systemLED HQUltra lightFor any pupil sizeC-281.41.671

2 in stock

The goal was to design an instrument that would provide the most precise examination with exceptional comfort. With a weight of 110 g and precision HEINE optics with LED HQ illumination for crisp, high resolution images, the SIGMA250 exceeds our initial goals. Endless flexibility and compact design: Available with the mPack lithium-ion battery pack, which provides 23 hours of continuous ON time at full power, with mobile or wall / table charging transformer. Integrated red-free filter and two aperture sizes; cobalt-blue, yellow, and diffusor filter attachments are optional. S-FRAME lightweight spectacle frame with multiple adjustment points provides exceptional comfort for fatigue-free use, even over extended periods. Optional “clip-in” correction frame for prescription lenses is also available

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