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Flamingo Foot Drop Splint

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Brand Flamingo
Size S, M, L
Specific Uses For Product Hold, Fracture, Foot Drop, Arthritis, Nerve
Age Range (Description) Adult
Material Plastic




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939.331,043.70 Incl. GST (-10%)


Product Description

To support the ankle, hold the foot and ankle in the correct position, and correct foot-drop To immobilize the ankle and lower leg in the presence of arthritis or fracture The Standard Ankle / Foot Drop Support is designed for the treatment of  Flaccid Foot Drop after neurological impairment. Outer Material: Plastic Constructed of lightweight polypropylene-based plastic in the shape of an “L”, providing rigidity They are attached to the calf with a strap, and are made to fit inside accommodative shoes.


  • The Ankle / Foot Drop Support features a low profile design with an open heel to facilitate easy fitting inside of shoes.
  • It provides the push that a person needs while walking through a unique strong leaf spring action
  • The anatomical design, as well as shape, allows for even weight distribution that helps with faster healing as it 
  • For: drop foot after neurological impairment, dorsiflexion assistance and lateral stability for the entire foot-ankle area are provided by this support.
  • Durable to wear: in polythene, it is thicker on the vertical aspect for rigidity and thinner on the footplate, foot code can be trimmed, and can be used to wear shoes
  • Ankle and foot orthosis: it has a wide calf strap with magic stick fastenings and removable and washable padding for comfort and hygiene, anti-slip grain helps you walk naturally and safely
  • Easy to clean: removable belt, with soft terry cloth fabric, which would not hurt your leg, good flexibility, not easy to deform.


About this item


  • To be used in cases of Common peroneal nerve palsy ( foot drop), Hemiplegia
  • Keep the foot in a normal dorsiflexed position which allows heel strike while walking. This helps normal walking
  • Made of durable and resilient polypropylene. Improve toe clearance in the normal gate
  • Dorsiflexion assistance and lateral stability for the entire foot-ankle area are provided by this Support
  • Trimmed full-length footplate allows leaf spring to fit into footwear easily




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Foot Drop Splint

Flamingo Foot Drop Splint

939.331,043.70 Incl. GST (-10%)

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