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Docbel Fetal Doppler FD-500

4,500.009,508.80 Incl. gst (-53%)

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  • Headphone jack
  • USB charging jack
  • LCD screen
  • Big front FHR value & waveform display
  • M1 button
  • volume up button
  • volume down button
  • loudspeaker
  • Probe jack
  • M2 button
  • 2.5 MHz ultrasound probe
  • switch button
  • Battery Cover
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4,500.009,508.80 Incl. gst (-53%)

Product Description

  • Now you can safely listen to your unborn baby’s heartbeat comfortably and privately at your own home.
  • Enjoy the amazing experience of hearing your baby’s heartbeat.
  • The normal heart rate of an unborn baby is approximately 110-160bpm.
  • The fetal Doppler is not a diagnostic device, contact your local Doctor if you have any concerns.
  • The fetal Doppler can be used above 16 weeks of pregnancy.
  • The device bring you a clear sound of your baby’s heartbeat.
  • The probe must be in contact with your skin via using gel, oil or water to be obtain an accurate fetal heart rate.


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Docbel Fetal Doppler FD-500

4,500.009,508.80 Incl. gst (-53%)

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