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Docbel Compressor Nebulizer

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Model Name/Number Docbel Compressor Nebulizer
Brand Docbel
Usage/Application Nebulization
Operation Mode Portable
Size Compact
Country of Origin Made in India

1,670.001,855.00 Incl. gst (-10%)

Product Description

Noise Level : 65dB(A) (1 meter away),Compressor pressure range: 23-58 psi (150-400 KPa) Conpressor Neblizer allows the medication to go directiy to a person’s airways and lungs, and the medication can be given over a long period of time. The person inhales the medication while breathing normally through a mouthpiece or face mask. Compressor Neblizer makes inhaling medication easier forpeople who are having serious difficulty breathing or whohavetrouble using an inhaler, which requires careful timing andcontrol of one,s breathing. Liter Flow Range : 6.7 L/Min, MMAD: 5um more than 60%,Average Nebulization Rate: 0.10mL/Min (90% saline water) Medical Grade,Easy Shuttle,Low Noise,Bis Atomization,Oil Free Pump,Adult and Child Mask


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Docbel Compressor Nebulizer

1,670.001,855.00 Incl. gst (-10%)