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Dispo Van Hypodermic Needle (0.5 inch)

105.90 Incl. GST

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105.90 Incl. GST

Product Description

Dispo Van sterile single-use hypodermic needles can be used to inject substances like medication, anesthesia, etc. into the body or extract fluids from it.

– They are manufactured using premium cold-rolled stainless steel strips with the latest Japanese technology

– Available in size of 26 Gauge and length of 0.5 inch

– Colour-coded as per ISO:6009

– 1 box contains 100 sterile single-use surgical needles in blister pack

– Precautions:

– For single use only since reuse will carry the risk of cross-contamination and infection

– Before use, check the integrity of the seal

– Store in a clean, dry & insect free place

– Avoid exposure to excessive heat

– Avoid exposure to acidic/corrosive fumes to avoid corrosion/rust

– Avoid piercing the needle through a hard plastic container since it may result in needle blockage

– Should be discarded in a sharps container

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Dispo Van Hypodermic Needle (0.5 inch)

105.90 Incl. GST

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