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Auscultation Manikin (IMPORTED)

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Introducing our Half-Body Male Auscultation Manikin – Revolutionizing Medical Training


  1. Realistic Design: Our half-body male manikin provides a lifelike simulation for medical training scenarios, offering an immersive learning experience.
  2. Rotatable Design: Designed for convenience, our manikin is rotatable, making it easy to maintain and deliver to various training locations.
  3. Patent Technology: Featuring a groundbreaking resonance cavity structure principle, our manikin ensures that cardiopulmonary sounds are accurately reproduced and maintained, enhancing the authenticity of training sessions.


  1. Extensive Auscultatory Sounds: With over 80 high-fidelity auscultatory sounds available, our manikin offers a comprehensive range of audio simulations for diverse training needs.
  2. Auto-Display Feature: The manikin automatically displays auscultatory sounds, facilitating efficient training sessions and eliminating the need for manual adjustments.
  3. Remote Control Capability: Enjoy the convenience of remote-controlled auscultatory sound playback, allowing instructors to manage training sessions effortlessly.

Why Choose Our Auscultation Manikin?

  • Enhanced Realism: Our manikin’s realistic design and patent technology ensure that medical trainees experience authentic auscultation scenarios, promoting effective skill development.
  • Convenience and Flexibility: With its rotatable design and remote control capability, our manikin offers unparalleled convenience in maintenance, delivery, and operation, adapting seamlessly to various training environments.
  • Comprehensive Training Experience: With a wide range of auscultatory sounds and automatic display features, our manikin provides a versatile platform for comprehensive medical training, catering to diverse educational needs.

Elevate your medical training programs with our innovative Half-Body Male Auscultation Manikin. Experience the future of medical simulation technology today.

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