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Introducing Our 78cm Human Muscle Model (Male): An Essential Tool for Anatomy Education

Explore the intricacies of human musculature with our meticulously crafted 78cm Human Muscle Model. This lifelike representation of the male musculature provides a comprehensive study aid for medical students, educators, and healthcare professionals.

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34,849.9941,000.00 Incl. gst (-15%)

Product Description

Key Features:

  1. Anatomical Accuracy: Crafted with precision to accurately depict the major muscle groups of the male human body, our model offers a detailed examination of musculoskeletal anatomy.
  2. Realistic Texture and Detail: From the striations of individual muscles to the contours of larger muscle groups, our model’s lifelike texture and detail enhance the learning experience and facilitate easy identification of anatomical structures.
  3. Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials, our muscle model is built to withstand frequent handling and long-term use in educational settings, ensuring durability and longevity.
  4. Removable Parts: Featuring removable parts such as detachable limbs and sections, our model allows for hands-on exploration and study of deeper muscle layers and anatomical relationships.


  • Enhanced Learning: Visualize and understand the complexity of human musculature through hands-on exploration of our detailed muscle model, promoting deeper comprehension and retention of anatomical knowledge.
  • Interactive Teaching: Engage students in interactive lessons and demonstrations with our model, fostering active participation and facilitating discussions on muscle function, physiology, and clinical relevance.
  • Clinical Application: Our muscle model serves as a valuable tool for medical professionals, aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, surgical planning, and patient education.


  • Medical Education: Supplement anatomy courses, physical therapy training, and sports medicine programs with our muscle model, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of human musculature.
  • Patient Education: Use our model to visually explain musculoskeletal injuries, rehabilitation exercises, and anatomical concepts to patients, enhancing their understanding and participation in treatment plans.
  • Research: Support scientific research in areas such as biomechanics, muscle physiology, and rehabilitation by using our anatomically accurate muscle model as a reference tool and experimental aid.

Elevate your anatomy education and professional practice with our 78cm Human Muscle Model (Male). Delve into the complexities of human musculature and enhance your understanding of the body’s structure and function.

This description highlights the anatomical accuracy, realistic detail, and educational benefits of the male human muscle model, appealing to educators, students, and healthcare professionals interested in anatomy, physiology, and clinical practice.

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34,849.9941,000.00 Incl. gst (-15%)

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