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3M Littmann Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope Rainbow Finish Caribbean Blue 2153

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  • High acoustic sensitivity for exceptional performance
  • Floating diaphragm: hear high or low frequency sounds
  • Single-lumen tubing: Detect normal and abnormal sounds and rhythms
  • Next-generation tubing lasts longer and resists stains
  • Non-chill rim for patient comfort
  • Three-year International warranty provides greater peace of mind
  • Caribbean Blue tube colour with a Rainbow finish chest-piece
  • Package contains an extra non chill sleeve

10,000.0016,000.00 Incl. GST (-37%)

Product Description

The 3M™ Littmann® Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope is based on the proven design of Littmann Classic stethoscopes. It’s a dependable, hard working clinical tool for physical assessment, monitoring, and diagnosis of smaller patients.

The 3M™ Littmann® Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope is specially designed for use on smaller patients and delivers high acoustic sensitivity, through its dual-side chestpiece, for both high and low frequency sounds. With specially sized diaphragms, these stethoscopes are used by students and medical professionals alike to identify, listen to, and study heart, lung, and other body sounds for physical assessment and diagnosis in pediatric patients. Resilient tubing folds tightly for pocket portability and retains its shape while patented Snap Tight Soft-Sealing Eartips help form an effective acoustic seal. The anatomically correct headset is angled to channel sound and enhance listening comfort while the nonchill rim and diaphragm provide patient comfort. The Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope is made in the USA. The product and package are latex-free and come with an alternate pair of small eartips and instructions.

Stethoscopes are diagnostic instruments that amplify sounds made by the body from the heart, lungs, abdomen and intestinal tract, or other body sites. A stethoscope is used to detect and study internal systems, such as fetal development, blood flow or blood pressure (BP), and respiration, and sounds, such as cardiac, venous, arterial, pulmonary, and uterine. Stethoscopes typically have Y-shaped rubber tubing that allows sound to travel from the chestpiece to the eartips. An open bell detects low frequency sounds, and a diaphragm detects high frequency sounds. A stethoscope can come as single, double (dual), or triple-head. Binaural stethoscopes are used with both ears, and single stethoscopes work with one ear. Differential stethoscopes are double-head, and allow sound comparison between different body sites. Non-electronic, also called mechanical or acoustic stethoscopes, transmit sound through hollow tubing to a listener&rsquos ear. Stethoscopes are used by students and a wide array of healthcare providers including physicians, nurses, and veterinarians,


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Physical Assessment and Diagnosis
Binaural Construction
Single lumen
Chestpiece Technology
Chestpiece Weight (metric)
40 g
Diaphragm Diameter (metric)
3.3 cm
Diaphragm Material
Diaphragm Type
Floating diaphragm
Eartip Type
Soft Sealing
Environmental claim being made
Environmental claim relates to
Evidence for Claim
Self Certified
Extra Eartips
Headset Material
Anodized Aluminum
Nurse, Pediatrician
Overall Length (Metric)
71 cm
Infant, Neonatal, Pediatric
Product Type
Small Diaphragm Diameter (metric)
2.5 cm
Special Adaptors
Tube Colour
Caribbean Blue
Units per Pack



Suggested Applications

  • Used as a diagnostic aid as part of the physical assessment of a patient. Ideally suited for pediatricians, neonatologists or NICU nurses


  • Dual-sided chestpiece with a small 3.3cm diaphragm is ideal for pediatric patients.|| Dual-sided chestpiece and floating diaphragm provide high acoustic sensitivity for listening to low (bell) and high-frequency sounds
  • The versatile chestpiece design provides high acoustic sensitivity with both a floating diaphragm and open bell.|| Special design and sized dual-sided chest piece is ideal for pediatric patients
  • Non-chill rim and diaphragm provide patient comfort.|| Anatomically designed headset is angled to meet the path of the ear canal
  • Soft-sealing eartips provide an excellent acoustic seal and comfortable fit.|| Latex-free materials accommodate allergy-sensitive users
  • Non-chill rim and diaphragm provide welcome patient comfort|| Headset is easily adjusted for individual fit and comfort. Angled eartubes align with ear canals.
  • Three-year warranty
  • Latex free

3M™ Littmann® Classic Stethoscopes are compact yet ideal instruments for the effective monitoring and physical assessment of children and adults. Made from strong yet lightweight materials, it allows you to pick up subtle heart, lung, and other body sounds comfortably and clearly.

Their soft-sealing eartips conform to individual ears for an excellent acoustic seal and fit. Tunable technology lets you hear high- and low-frequency sounds without needing to reposition your chest piece. The tubing is resistant to skin oils and alcohol for a longer product life, and is built with a resilient, latex-free next-generation material that helps retain its shape and flexibility.

This range includes the Pediatric and Infant Stethoscopes.

3M Littman Stethoscopes is a subsidiary of 3M, a worldwide recognized science-based technology corporation. The firm provides industry-leading ideas, engineering, innovative materials, precision production, and an unrivaled degree of consistent quality. Littmann stethoscopes are made using sophisticated methods and quality standards to ensure consistent performance. Littmann stethoscope prices are quite reasonable and will deliver constant high-level performance. Littmann manufactures all varieties of stethoscopes, which may be found on Skytech Medical & Surgical Devices.


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Additional information

Weight .400 kg
Dimensions 32.5 × 61 × 4.5 cm


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Littmann Classic II Paediatric Stethoscope: Caribbean Blue Rainbow 2153

3M Littmann Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope Rainbow Finish Caribbean Blue 2153

10,000.0016,000.00 Incl. GST (-37%)