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  • Tynor K 02 Heel Cushion Silicone Pair

    Tynor K 02 Heel Cushion Silicone Pair

    • Transparent silicone absorbs stress, lowers peak loading, and provides good cushioning to the heel.
    • Focused pain alleviation is provided by soft patches, which release pressure near the calcaneus’ base.
    • An ergonomic shape with the right thickness offers comfortable cushioning and is simple to slip inside shoes.
    • The shock-absorbing qualities are further improved by the honeycomb construction.
    • Hypoallergenic, aesthetically beautiful, odorless, simple to use and maintain lightweight, long functional life, and durable.
    488.00610.00 Incl. GST
  • Tynor Wrist Splint with Thumb Medium E-44

    The Tynor Wrist Splint with Thumb is the perfect brace for circumstances that call for wrist and thumb immobilization. Thumb can be kept in abduction while the wrist is maintained in dorsiflexion.
    Product Highlights


    • Flexible Splints.
    • Thumb abduction in anatomy.
    • Both the left and right hands fit.
    • Easy application with lace pull mechanism.
    • The position of the thumb remains relaxed without any fatigue
    • Reverse buckle mechanism ensures controlled tightening and better immobilization
    • It provides a snug fitting, high cushioning, and comfort
    424.00530.00 Incl. GST
  • Tynor Elastic Wrist Splint (Right) (E 01)

    Product highlights
    • It provides perfect immobilization with a removable splint
    • High-quality elastic webbing is porous, comfortable, strong & durable
    • Built-in opening helps in better pain relief and further enhances comfort
    • Easy to use, optimum compression, long functional lift, lightweight
    288.00360.00 Incl. GST
  • Tynor E 03 Wrist & Forearm Splint Right

    Product features

    • Guards and supports your wrist after being hurt and against further damage
    • Comfortable, secure, easy to use and can be taken anywhere along as it is portable
    • Durable and are made out of soft and breathable cotton
    388.00485.00 Incl. GST

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