• Fingertip BPL Pulse Oximeter 02

    The Fingertip BPL Pulse Oximeter 02 is a hand-held fingertip oxygen monitor that has a color auto-rotating OLED screen providing real-time SpO2, PR, and Perfusion Index displays, as well as a plethysmograph and color-changing visual alarms.




    • Measurement Range : SPO2 {35%- 100%}
    • Pulse Rate{30-250bpm}
    • Resolution: SPO2{1%}
    • Pulse Rate {1bpm}
    • Power : 2xAAA 1.5 Alkaline battery
    1,700.002,800.00 Incl. gst
  • Omron JPN 1 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor


    • Blood Pressure level display
    • Detects irregular heartbeat
    • Works on oscillometric method
    • Detects body movement hence gives more accurate reading
    • Memory for 60 sets of reading with date and time, displays average of last three reading taken within last 10 minutes
    • 5 years extended brand warranty from date of purchase.T&C: To claim warranty, original invoice is mandatory
    4,480.005,633.60 Incl. gst
  • Omron HEM-8712 Blood Pressure Monitor

    Omron HEM-8712 Blood Pressure Monitor with a Digital Display to help with effective health management. It is a helpful tool that people with high blood pressure or healthcare professionals may use in clinical settings. It distinguishes itself from other blood monitors thanks to its body movement detecting capacity and high level of accuracy.


    • Upper ArmBP Monitor DeviceBP Monitor Device
    • battery
    • Pulse Rate Indicator
    • Memory Function
    2,401.283,001.60 Incl. gst
  • 1,680.001,820.00 Incl. gst
  • OMRON HEM-7121J Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

    The oscillometric OMRON HEM-7121J-IN is a small, completely automatic blood pressure monitor. It rapidly and easily measures your heart rate and blood pressure.
    The device leverages its cutting-edge “IntelliSense” technology to provide comfortable regulated inflation without the need for pressure pre-setting or re-inflation. IntelliSense Technology Benefits complete automatic individual inflation for optimum comfort fast deflation opens the valve for quick measurement.
    2,096.862,620.80 Incl. gst
  • Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-6161

    The HEM-6161 makes it easy to monitor blood pressure while on-the-go. This basic model comes with cuff wrap guide and irregular heartbeat detection to ensure the monitor is used correctly.


    • IntelliWrap Cuff™ for Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
    • Cuff Wrapping Guide
    • Irregular Heartbeat Detection
    • IntelliSense Technology
    • Stores 30 Measurements in Memory
    1,814.402,542.40 Incl. gst

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