• HEINE ML4 LED Headlight with mPack and plug-in transformer

    with mPack and plug-in transformer Flexible Power Source Options Comfortable and secure fit Adjustable spot sizeJ-008.31.413 Shipping Free

    109,765.00150,799.04 Incl. GST
  • HEINE MD 1000® F.O. Headlight – J-003.31.231

    Compact and lightweight frontal lighting fiber optic HEINE MD1000, with high-quality optics for homogeneous and brilliant illumination.

    • Compact, high-tech optics for homogeneous, exceptionally-bright illumination.
    • Ultra-light, highly-flexible fiber optic cable with gown clips, length 3m.* Height and angle of illumination adjustable by a single control.
    • Lightweight, flexible headband: Professional L.
    • Adjustable for height and width with detachable soft leather forehead cushion.J-003.31.231
    59,128.0489,587.94 Incl. GST

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