• R-303 Remi Centrifuge

    Technical Data

    • Model : R-303
    • Capacity : 8×15
    • Type of Head : Angle
    • No. of Tubes : 8 Tubes
    • Max speed (RPM) : 3800RPM
    • Max RCF(g) : 1450G
    • WXDXH(mm) : 210x210x250
    • Supply : 220 -240V 50Hz Single Phase
    8,425.009,912.00 Incl. GST
  • Remi RQ 121/D Stirrers


    • Remi RQ-121/D Direct Drive Stirrer with PMDC Motor (Stirring Capacity 10 Litres)

    Brand Name Remi
    Manufacturer Series Number RQ-121
    Material Metal
    Model Number RQ-121
    Number of Items 1
    Part Number RQ-121
    10,815.0012,390.00 Incl. GST
  • Remi Cyclo Mixer CM-101 Plus


    • Designed for mixing liquids in Schools, Laboratories & Factories
    • Touch/ Continuous Operation mode Selection through bi-directional Switch
    • Speed Regulation through knob provided on the control panel
    • Interchangeable mixing heads for use with variety of tubes
    • Supplied with all interchangeable mixing heads
    Technical Data
    Models CM-101 PLUS CM -101
    Power (W) 32
    Shaking Movement Orbital
    Orbital Diameter (mm) 4
    Motor Type Shaded-Pole Motor
    Permissible ON time 100% power 30mins
    Speed range (rpm) 0-2500
    Run Type Continuous / touch operation
    Dimensions (mm) 185 x 150 x 165 178 x 141 x 148
    Weight (kg) 2.8 3.6
    Protection Class acc. To DIN 60529 IP 21
    10,300.0011,800.00 Incl. GST
  • Remi CM-101 Cyclo Mixture

    Variable speed mixer to eliminate hard mixing. Speed regulator controls the degree of vibration. Suitable for touch continuous operations. Supplied with interchangeable adaptors for different applications.

    6,385.997,316.00 Incl. GST
  • Remi Stirrer 5MLH With Hot Plate


    Brand Remi
    Protection Class

    IP 42

    Plate Size

    9×35 mm

    Stirring Capacity

    5 l

    Heating Capacity

    500 W


    12 Months against any manufacturing defects

    Plate Diameter

    135 mm

    Speed Range

    100-1500 rpm


    This Item Is Not Returnable.

    Actual product model might vary from that shown in the picture.

    Item Code

    5 MLH Plus


    Up to 340 deg C

    Power Input

    18 W

    Power Output

    10 W

    11,948.0013,688.00 Incl. GST
  • Remi Magnetic Stirrer with hotplate 2MLH


    Max Speed 1200 RPM
    Display Digital
    Brand Remi
    Stirring capacity 2 Ltrs
    Heating Capacity 300 watt


    External Dimensions 200 * 225 * 185 mm
    Stirring paddle model Q – 19A
    9,476.0010,856.00 Incl. GST
  • Remi Magnetic Stirrers With Hotplate 1MLH

    Brand Remi
    Stirring Capacity

    1 l

    Heating Capacity

    150 W


    12 Months against any manufacturing defects


    This Item Is Not Returnable.

    Actual product model might vary from that shown in the picture.

    Item Code

    1 MLH

    8,652.009,912.00 Incl. GST
  • Centrifuge Micro RM 12C


    Brand Remi

    16000 rpm




    12 Months against any manufacturing defects


    280x350x290 mm

    Package Content

    Complete with RM-1215: 24×1.5 ml angle head (with Tapered bottom Polypropylenes tubes) with reduction adaptors of 1 ml & 0.4 ml.

    Number of Tubes


    Rotor Capacity

    24×1.5 ml


    40 ml


    220-240 V


    50 Hz

    Head Type

    Angle Rotor Head

    Maximum RCF

    16600 g


    This Item Is Not Returnable.

    Actual product model might vary from that shown in the picture.

    Item Code



    22,258.4725,500.00 Incl. GST
  • Centrifuge Remi 852/4

    Drum Model Remi C-852 centrifuge Capacity 15 ml  4 tube
    Brand Remi
    Type Drum Model
    Model Name/Number C-852
    Capacity 4 tubes of 15ml
    Type of Head Swing Out

    6,054.996,726.00 Incl. GST
  • Centrifuge R-8C Plus

    Technical Data
    Models R-8C Plus R-8M Plus R-12C Plus
    Max. Speed rpm 6000 16000
    Max. RCF “g”™ 5070 21000
    Max. Capacity ml 400 40
    Digital timer range Min 0-99 0-15
    Noise 60dB 60 dB
    WxDxH mm 380x470x300 380x470x300
    37,080.0042,480.00 Incl. GST
  • Centrifuge R-4C

    Remi R-4C Laboratory Centrifuge with 8X15 ml Swing Out Rotor Head

    Brand : Remi

    Type of Product : Laboratory Centrifuge
    Capacity : 200 ml
    Rotor Capacity (ml) : 8×15 ml
    Type of Head : Swing out Rotor Head
    No. of Tubes : 8



    24,720.0028,320.00 Incl. GST
  • Centrifuge R-8C

    REVOLUTIONARY GENERAL PURPOSE LABORATORY CENTRIFUGE (max.speed 5250 rpm) with speed regulator, safety lid lock, digital speed meter & timer, but withour rotor heads and accessories


    29,870.0034,220.00 Incl. GST

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