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Magnus MLX-B Plus Binocular Microscope


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SpecificationsOptical System:- Semi-Plan achromatic optics with anti-fungal treatment. Uniformly centered, interchangeable & Parfocal. Anti-fungus treated.Body :- Aluminium die-cast body with all critical movements based on ball bearing and wire guides, thereby ensuring smooth and precise manipulation.Inclined Observation Head :- Binocular 45 degree inclined, rotatable through 360 degreesEyepieces for observation :- Wide Field 10x (FN 18mm) paired eyepieces. The unique optical design of the compensating eyepiece provides relief from eye fatigue and renders color-compensated wide field images of utmost clarity.Nosepiece:- Quadruple revolving nosepiece based on precision ball-bearing mechanism with positive stop click.Objectives :- Semi-Plan achromatic objectives, antifungal N.A. W.D.4x 0.10 29.0mm10x 0.25 6.3mm40x 0.65 0.6mm100x (oil/spring) 1.25 0.15mmMechanical Stage :- Co-axial low drive mechanical stage (125mm x 145mm) with traverse area of 50mm x 76mmCondenser :- Abbe condenser with aperture iris diaphragm (N.A. 1.25) focusable with rack & pinion through 20mm and a continuously variable iris diaphragm with a removable blue filter for daylight observation. Rack & pinion mounted condenser holderFocusing :- Co-axial coarse & fine controls with a focus adjustment and fine adjustment knobs. Coarse Focus range 25mm.Illumination Base :- Built-in illumination base with pre-centered 6v 20w halogen light source coupled with an efficient collector lens system. Universal Power Supply 100v-240v AC 50Hz (SMPS). Supplied with one spare bulb & spare fuse. Easily replaceable lamp from front.Packaging:- Packed in Styrofoam box with operation manual, dust cover, power cord & immersion oil (10ml)

2 in stock

A very high quality Binocular Microscope manufactured by Olympus Opto-Systems India Ltd. (A subsidiary of Olympus, Japan).

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