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Innovation Deluxe Daycare

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Deluxe Features
• Electric height range from 47cm to 97cm
• Electric Trendelenburg tilt to -/+15°
• Electric profiling backrest angle from 0˚ to +80°
• Electric footrest angle from +10° to -35°
• Safe working load and lifting capacity of 250Kg (550lbs)
• Auto-electric CPR function via handset
• Auto-intelligent operation
• Vertical lifting design to minimise space and provide
maximum stability throughout all profiling positions
• Smooth moulded base cover minimises dirt traps and
facilitates easy cleaning
• Anti-bacterial powder coated frame and base cover
• Large Tente® Ø125mm castors
• SEERS ComfortPlus™ Upholstery – features anti-microbial
vinyl incorporating pressure relieving design for additional
patient comfort with a foam depth of 60mm
• Standard width upholstery of 70cm
• Clearance beneath frame for mobile hoist
• Head support cushion fitted on Deluxe models
• Paper roll holder fitted on Deluxe models
• Fold down side support arm rests for patient comfort
and security
• Choice of upholstery colours, for full range of colour
options see page 51

The Innovation Deluxe Daycare couch is designed for specialist medical procedures, critical care, and oncology units. The fully electric functionality provides smooth lifting and patient profiling during patient examination and treatment. The
couch features 2-way tilt and auto-electric CPR facility with auto-leveling software.

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