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Atlanta A&E Trolley

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Features :

1. Backrest from 0˚ to 90˚
2. Fully indexed deck for X-Ray cassette positioning
3. Dual gas strut operation, release lever accessible from either side or top of backrest
4. The X-Ray cassette can be inserted and positioned from either side or end of the trolley decking

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The Atlanta A&E Trolley has been designed for patient transport, examination, full X-Ray and resuscitation within a variety of acute healthcare departments. The trolley incorporates an easily accessible full length X-Ray cassette platform and has a 5th wheel for improved manoeuvrability. The dual sided foot pedals control height adjustment, trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg tilt. The backrest is fully adjustable to almost 90˚ with easily accessible release lever. A deluxe 100mm mattress with pressure reducing design and a safe working load of 250Kg is included as standard.


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