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3M Littmann Stethoscope Features


Eartips are the parts that fit into your ear. They should fit snugly, sealing out ambient noise and helping you to focus on auscultation.


The headset is made up of two eartubes, the yoke and the eartips. Littmann stethoscope headsets can be adjusted to ensure a proper fit into your ear canals by squeezing or pulling apart the eartubes.


Tubing provides the path for sound. Littmann stethoscopes feature next-generation tubing that provides improved resistance to skin oils and alcohol for longer tubing life.


The chestpiece is placed on the patient to capture sounds. Some Littmann stethoscope models have a one-sided chestpiece with a tunable diaphragm.

Littmann Classic III Navy blue 5622

3M Littmann Stethoscope Series

Lots of varieties of Stethoscopes for all type of Medical needs!

Littmann Classic 2

Littmann Classic 3

Littmann Cardiology 3

Littmann Cardiology 4

Master Cardiology

Master Classic 2

Infant Stethoscope

Electronic Stethoscope

Pediatric Stethoscope

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